Camerun anuncia una reduccion del 10% en los aranceles de importacion de gas

Lunes, 23 de Octubre de 2017


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Cameroon’s Trade Ministry has announced that imports of domestic gas cylinders will witness a reduction of about 10 percent of customs duties with immediate effect.This exemption, obtained after a consultation between public authorities and marketers’ association, aims to combat shortages in this area, which generally increases at the end of the year.

Apart from the replacement of old and non-standard cylinders, this measure should also lead to a substantial drop in the gas cylinder price on the market, of which the most sought after, 12 kilograms cylinders, officially costs 6500 CFA.

As soon as the announcement was made, marketer Green Oil announced that it was importing 30,000 domestic gas cylinders, the local production of which by the National Refining Company (SONARA) covers barely 20 percent of demand.

Cameroon imported 440,000 domestic gas cylinders during the year 2017.

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