Sudán:Brasil propone un acuerdo de cooperación con Sudán

Miércoles, 18 de Abril de 2018


Fuente: All Africa


Khartoum — The State Minister at Ministry of investment, Osama Faisal, on Wednesday received in his office with the Brazilian delegation that visits the country headed by the undersecretary of Foreign Minister for Middle East and Africa, Fernando José Marroni de Abreu, the meeting tackled bilateral economic cooperation and way of boost it.

Faisal, briefed on the vision of the country to upgrade the ability of country in investment after lifting economic sanctions for increasing production and coordinating with the international institutions, pointing to the willing of Sudan to benefit from Brazilian expert in sector of agriculture and food production and another sectors.

He also referred on the large-scale reform reform of the country to develop investment environment according to the business performance, affirming importance of strengthening of private sector in two countries according to the joint vision and exchange common interest, indicating to the private sector to support bilateral relations.

Marroni affirmed the keenness of his country to upgrade economic cooperation with Sudan, indicating that they delivered cooperation agreement proposal in investment sector with Sudan.

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