El gobierno enfatiza la distribución de energía

Martes, 3 de Julio de 2018

Fuente: Daily Monitor



Government will in the medium to long-term put emphasis on constructing power transmission and distribution lines than on power generation plants, according to Mr Edward Iruura, the acting chief executive officer of Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA).
Mr Iruura, said government has managed to increase installed generation capacity and that Uganda now has excess supply. This, he said is meant to ensure that the electricity that is generated reaches the people who should use it.

“Now focus is on transmitting this power and distributing it to the consumers,” he said.
“If we increase on productive demand, as President Museveni says, we will [mop up the excess] energy,” he added.

Uganda currently has an installed generation capacity of 936MW, with demand peaking at 568MW. Even with that, more power generation plants are under construction among them the 183MW Isimba and the 600MW Karuma, which will be commissioned late this year and early next year, respectively.
The commissioning of the two large hydropower plants will increase Uganda’s installed generation capacity from the current 936MW to 1,719MW within the next two years.

Consumption, however, is not increasing at the same pace, according to different players in the electricity sector. The energy players also point out that there is need for coordinated planning, where the line ministry, the generation, transmission and distribution agencies agree on the distribution plans so that they feed into each other. However, no plan was unveiled of how government intends to transmit and distribute the power.
According to the government projections, the establishment of factories is expected to lead to the consumption of 300MW, which is just half of Karuma hydropower plant generation capacity.
This is because the access levels, partly a function of the cost of connection, as a result of lack of transmission and distribution infrastructure, are low or lacking.

Transmission infrastructure

According to Mr Peter Lokeris, the State minister for Mineral Development, in order to increase the transmission infrastructure, government has planned to undertake the construction of several transmission lines to evacuate power from the generation plants.
The transmission lines, he said, would include 264km of 400 kilovolt (KV), 396km of 220KV and over 1,500km of 132KV.
“Along with these transmission lines, there will be associated infrastructure for the sub-stations,” the minister said at the commissioning of 5.4MW Lubilia mini-hydropower plant in Kasese District, western Uganda.

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