África alcanzará una capacidad de 30 GW de energía eólica en 2027

Martes, 31 de Julio de 2018

Fuente: Reve


África alcanzará los 30GW en capacidad eólica instalada para el 2027, lo que representa un aumento significativo en una década respecto de la capacidad del año pasado de 5GW.


An analysis by Make in a report called ‘Africa Wind Power Market Outlook’, which states the growth will be led by Egypt, Morocco and South Africa, which currently make up around 85% of installed energy capacity in Africa.

Growth is also expected to come from Ethiopia, Kenya and Tunisia, which will amount to 5GW over the next decade. Around 20 smaller markets will be responsible for adding a further 5GW, including Ghana, Senegal and Tanzania.

The three leading markets (Egypt, Morocco and South Africa) will still contribute about 66% of overall growth. Indeed, the government of South Africa recently finished signing 27 new power purchase agreements for some 2.3GW of renewable energy.

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