Commercial Promotion and Financial Advisory

At FOMENTO we focus on giving commercially viable solutions to our clients.

We assist in:

  • Identifying opportunities
  • Defining and designing the scope of projects
  • Searching for and structuring the funding
  • Monitoring the different milestones until the projects are up and running
  • Searching for local services and identify local businesses
  • Creation of partnerships

We address diverse sources and instruments for the design and management of the most suitable financial formula of each project; such as multilateral financial institutions, subsidies and funds from the European Union, structured funding for investment or concession projects, sovereign wealth funds and bilateral funding.

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Fomento al Desarrollo del Comercio Internacional, S.L. has participated in the ICEX-Next Export Initiation Programme, and has been assisted by ICEX and co-financed by European FEDER funds. The aim of this support is to contribute to the international development of the company and its environment.

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