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Agriculture, fishing and industry by-products are the first sources of natural resources in Ghana, and therefore, the use of these perishable goods to feed the population with very food rich in proteins is essential to meet the needs of the inland population.


• Increase the storage capacity of perishable goods produced in the country as well as their distribution to consumption centers using products originating from Ghana and raw materials such as fruits, fish, meat, etc.
• Improve the cooling infrastructure in the country by adding new plants, new channels for local distribution and the most optimal way to meet the demand for food.
• Increase the capacity of handling and storage in the area of consumption, distribution and services. This will result in better conditions such as: organoleptical, quality, quantity, price and a constant supply.
• Stimulate the consumption centers and markets, commercializing and facilitating the availability of stored products even out of season.


This project consists of: supply, construction and launch of a Refrigeration network and processing lines located in different points on the coast of Ghana.

• 5 Cold Stores for Horticultural Products. Unitary capacity 150 tons.
• 3 Cold Stores for fresh fish and /or frozen, each including:
• Cold rooms with capacity: 100 tons.
• Tunnel cooling capacity: 5 tons / day.
• 4 ice factories, stored in containers of 20'' with capacity of 5 tons/day production and storage capacity of 8 tons.
• 1-line processing to handle 1000 kg/ h of fresh tomatoes to produce tomato pureé.
• 1-line processing to handle 1000 kg/h of fresh pineapple to produce pineapple juice.

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