Electrification and electromechanical installations for the Merowe Dam






Ministry of Water and Irrigation




FOMENTO provided consultancy and commercial agent services to the French company Alstom. The project entailed the provision of electromechanical equipment for the Merowe Dam project, located on the Nile River, 350km north of Khartoum.

The scope of supply included 10 hydraulic turbines and generators, each one with 125MW of power, the plant control system´s balance of the engineering, assembly and commissioning.

This project represents a milestone in the economic progress of Sudan. At the end of this project, the energy generation capacity has doubled. The project, which started in December 2003, was implemented over a five-year period.

This project is designed to achieve the following objectives:

- To generate electrical energy in order to satisfy the growing demand for economic and social development in the region.
- To use electricity to pump underground water and strengthen the country’s farming sector.
- To establish industrial projects, agro-foodstuffs projects and the mining industry which depend on electricity as a main source of energy.
- To introduce the fishing industry into the dam´s lake.
- To protect the neighbouring areas from destructive flooding.
- To improve the living conditions of local residents in the project area through the creation of new employment opportunities.

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