Automatic Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS)




Civil Defence


Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Ghana




The project consists mainly of the provision of an automatic system for fingerprint identification and mobile units and operational vehicles along with other accessory equipment.
The project includes the definition of the scope, supply, installation and commissioning, technical service, training and maintenance support.

Some of the supplied equipment:

  • Vehicles (ambulances, mobile morgues, mobile communication units and large capacity units).
  • Uniforms and security forces equipment.
  • Power Generators.
  • Fully automated fingerprint system.


The fingerprint system is an integrated system of Police identification, also known as Automatic Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS).

This system, along with the other equipment, has allowed to a remarkable improvement of the operational capabilities of the Ghana Police Service.

In addition, the project has brought benefits such as:

  • An efficient response in several emergency situations.
  • Better support and assistance for the people of Ghana.
  • The development of a healthcare infrastructure during all operations, thanks to mobile units and ambulances.
  • The development of methods and operational means for all the police activities, thanks to the wide range of mobile units for different purposes (healthcare, communication, logistics ....)
  • A rapid identification of criminals avoiding confusion during population movements.

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