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Transport, Traffic and Communications


Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Ghana




The development of roads in rural areas is one of the main subjects of the road network sector of the Republic of Ghana. Under the Road Sector Development Program (RSDP), the Department of Feeder Roads (DFR) with the support of the Ministry of Roads Transport (MRT) launched the strategic plan for replacement of weak/broken wooden bridges into small and medium-sized steel and mixed bridge. The plan also included the construction of bridges and major drainage systems on other water crossings. All of them aimed at reducing bottlenecks in traffic on secondary roads.
The Department of rural roads established up the Bridges Development Unit to identify large intersections of water in rural roads and seek help from donors through the MRT for the construction of steel/mixed bridges and large drainage systems.

The objectives of the Bridge Development Program are:

  • Ensure continuity of routes and provide a better service.
  • Improve the transport of goods and agricultural products in order to increase food production and commercial crops.
  • Guarantee access to social services for the rural population.
  • Stimulate mobility and economic opportunities for the development of rural areas.


The project mainly consists of supplying steel components for bridges with FOMENTO, participating in the scope definition, supply, installation, starting up, warranty technical assistance, training and maintenance.

Structural steel materials, fabrication, assembly and protective treatment in accordance with the requirements of European standards were included.

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