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Civil Defence


GEPROYECTOS Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea




Fomento, along with the local title holder company Gefomento, is currently executing a project which aims "To provide the Government of Equatorial Guinea of a National Civil Defence Plan that meets real needs and enables the implementation of the existing legislation".

The project will be developed in accordance with the following lines of action and the following scope :

  • The creation of a National Training System in Civil Defence and Emergency Response in Bata by creating the National School of Civil Defence.
  • Different Education and Training programs:
    • Trainers education program for emergency operations.
    • Fire, Water Rescue, Communications and Management and Coordination Health personnel.
  • Creation and implementation of two permanent Operational Coordination Centers in Bata and Malabo to attend to emergencies and actions concerning Civil Defence.
  • Creation and implementation of an Emergency Services Radio Network to allow communication and interconnection between all participants of Emergencies and Protection.
  • Creation of Civil Protection Infrastructures along with the construction of the following facilities:
    • Two emergency urban parks one located in Malabo and one in Bata including the development of each park. The Bata National School of Civil Protection with its field of practice that includes a training tower for rescue practice and a container area for live fire practice located in the Bata Urban Park.
    • Five satellite emergency parks located in Luba, Mongomo, Ebebiyin, Evinayong Annobon including urbanization in each park.
  • Supply of Goods to meet the following Emergency:
    • Assistance Services for Disaster Victims.
    • Emergency Medical Services.
    • Firefighting Services, Search and Rescue.
    • Emergency Communication Services.

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