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Civil Defence


Emergency Management Unit-Office of the Prime Ministry, Republic of Namibia




Fomento was responsible for the design of the project scope of the supply of equipment for Disaster Prevention National Emergency in Namibia. The project included aspects such as: Telecommunication System, Assistance and Emergency Rescue, Training and Construction of buildings to house the headquarters and 4 Delegations.

The activity of Fomento was to conduct a comprehensive study of the needs of the country to define civil defence teams in relation to national disasters and, in addition a specific study about floods of the Caprivi region in order to mitigate the disaster effects in this area caused by floods that occurred every year from the month of January to April.

The study of Caprivi includes among others the following points:

  • Relocation of the population from January / February to July, in temporary camps about 30-40 kilometers.
  • Transportation for rehousing.
  • Airports.
  • School Facilities in mountainous areas.
  • Office in Chuckmansburg.
  • Silos to maintain crops.
  • Irrigation Systems.
  • Water purification plants.
  • Study on the effects of flood mitigation transfer actions.

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