Fish Quality Control Laboratory






Ministry of Fisheries




FOMENTO co-developed the project scope, the funding and the turnkey implementation of the design and construction of fish quality laboratories and its complementary infrastructures, adapting the specific nature of each product to the specific health risks. The provision of the necessary equipment for the laboratories was also carried out.

Moreover, the needs of the lab´s technical were addressed through the design and implementation of training programs for the recycling and adaptation of the equipment and techniques, thus supporting the trained technicians during the commissioning and first year of operation of the laboratories.

Developing countries are responsible for more than 50 percent of the international trade of fishing products. Europe, Japan and the USA are responsible for around 80 percent of the world’s imports of fish and fishing products.

One of the most serious difficulties facing exporters from developing countries in the international fishing products market is the variety of standards and rules imposed by importing countries to ensure that products satisfy all local requirements.

This is why many governments and the fishing industry in developed and developing countries have embarked upon a significant conceptual change in the rules regarding fishing, including inspection, handling and processing, import-export and marketing. In the case of Algeria, the European Union regulations regarding health control have been adapted. 

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