Supply and Installation of a Street Lighting Network






Senegalese Agency for Rural Electrification




FOMENTO designed the project scope and funding structure, and advised on the turnkey implementation and maintenance for this project. The project harmonised the electrification of the Saloum Delta region through the implementation of photovoltaic systems for the centralised and decentralised coverage of:

- 12 small towns with more than 1,000 inhabitants
- 15 villages with a population between 500 and 1,000 inhabitants
- 25 villages with less than 500 people

In line with the priorities of the Ministry of Mines, Energy and Water of Senegal regarding rural electrification, the Senegalese State, through the Senegalese Agency for Rural Electrification, is striving to improve the living conditions for rural populations.

The Saloum Delta region has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its biosphere and biodiversity, which also represent economic and social potential for the country. It covers an average surface area of 2,300km2 and is composed of mangrove islands with around 80 small villages shared between the following rural communities: Dionewar, Djirnda, Fimela, Facao Palmarin, Toubacouta and Djilor, with a total population of approximately 40,000 inhabitants.

The carrying out of this project satisfies the energy demand for the basic needs of the area, such as:

- The provision of drinking water from the desalination of sea water;
- The production of cold storage for fishing products, foods and medicines;
- The processing of farming and fishing products and the creation of activities to generate income through rural SMEs and SMIs;
- The supply of electricity for tourism in the area;
- The preservation of biodiversity at this reserve.

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