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FOMENTO specializes in the design and execution of comprehensive projects aimed at improving the necessary infrastructure to modernize the productive and social models of regions and emerging countries.

Our activities focus on the execution of "turnkey" projects, as well as the promotion and development of projects in key sectors such as agribusiness, water, energy, civil protection, transportation, traffic, and communications.

With over 25 years of experience and a multidisciplinary team of professionals with expertise in international trade, our main activity revolves around the implementation of comprehensive projects in Africa. Here, we identify the specific needs of each sector, develop the project technically and commercially, structure the financing, and take care of the execution, commissioning, and training.

Fomento has its headquarters in Madrid, with offices in Morocco, Kenya, Uganda, Equatorial Guinea, and the United States, and we operate in four specific areas.

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Key Projects

Wednesday, april 10, 2024

EPRA Reports Rise in Energy Consumption Linked to E-Mobility

EPRA Reports Rise in Energy Consumption Linked to E-Mobility...

By Fomento

Wednesday, april 3, 2024

Energizing Ethiopia: New World Bank Program Expands Access to Electricity

New World Bank Program Expands Access to Electricity...

By Fomento

Thursday, february 22, 2024

New report suggests SDG7 could be achieved by 2034

New report suggests SDG7 could be achieved by 2034...

By Fomento

Sunday, january 28, 2024

Global Gateway: European Commission and African Development Bank Group unlock new funding for African infrastructure projects

Global Gateway: EU and AfDB new funding for African infrastructure projects...

By Fomento

Thursday, january 4, 2024

EIB and CBK Pioneer Climate Finance Initiative For Green Transition

EIB and CBK Pioneer Climate Finance Initiative For Green Transition...

By Fomento

Wednesday, december 20, 2023

CEOE holds business meeting to strengthen trade and economic ties between the EU and Africa

CEOE holds business meeting between the EU and Africa...

By Fomento

Wednesday, january 10, 2024

Morocco wins presidency of the UN Human Rights Council

Morocco wins the Presidency of the UN Human Rights Council for the period 2024....

By Fomento

Friday, december 29, 2023

Equatorial Guinea in Figures 2023

The seventh edition of the document "Equatorial Guinea in Figures 2023" was published this Friday....

By Fomento

Monday, december 18, 2023

EU - Kenya Economic Partnership Agreement

New milestone for the Spanish Presidency with the EU-Kenya Economic Partnership Agreement...

By Fomento

Friday, december 15, 2023

Uganda's Energy Transition Plan Digested

The 108-page report foresees a construction boom in Uganda....

By Fomento

Thursday, december 7, 2023

AfDB Launches Call For Climate Adaption Proposals

The allocation for the first Climate Action Window is US$258 million....

By Fomento

Wednesday, june 8, 2022

The World Bank is satisfied with the achievements of the Innov Invest Fund

The World Bank, in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance, has just completed a new progress report on the Innov Invest Fund (IFI). At the end of a joint mi...

By Fomento