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La Oficina de Normalización de Kenia (KEBS) ratifica las nuevas normas para impulsar la adopción de energías limpias

Fecha: 12/03/2021

Fuente: The Star Kenya

The Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) has approved ten standards that provide specifications for systems and equipment that utilize clean energy such as solar and wind pursuant to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

“The use of natural replenishable energy resources contribute positively to Kenya’s economy in the fight against global warming, poverty eradication and the progress of important socio-economic aspects such as health, clean water supply, industrialization and education,” said Bernard Njiraini, Managing Director, KEBS.

It is estimated that the socio-economic impact of climate change costs the country a loss of approximately 3 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP) annually.

Some of the systems and equipment covered by the new standards include; off-grid or stand-alone renewable energy products with power ratings less than or equal to 350W popularly known as plug and play solar home systems, photovoltaic devices such as solar simulators, wind energy generation systems, concentrator photovoltaic (CPV), generators, micropower systems, small Photovoltaic Individual Electrification Systems (PVIES) among others.

The approved standards are expected to increase access to clean energy in the country and reduce the demand for coal or charcoal consumption as the main energy source for most rural households.

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