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Ruto anuncia 5 maneras de empoderar a la juventud

Fecha: 17/03/2019

Fuente: Kenyas


Addressing the AfricaNow19 summit in Kampala, Uganda, Ruto underscored the importance of youth empowerment in forging a prosperous future for Africa by implementing several measures.

1. Re-contouring education

Firstly, the DP stressed on the need to revamp the education system with skills and knowledge fitting the needs of the job market.

"Reforming the business climate must go hand-in-hand with developing a youth employment policy;

"There is need to improve links between education and training on one hand and business and industry on the other. This also calls for financing and facilitating small businesses and entrepreneurs," Ruto stated.

2. Trade integration

DP Ruto equally pointed out trade integration as another measure to forge a better future for Africa through youth empowerment.

"We must eliminate all barriers to trade, enhance free movement of goods, services and people-to-people interaction to fully realise regional integration.

"Economic integration is critical in enabling Africa take its rightful place in global marketplace. Unless we trade as Africa, we are doomed to fail. Continental Free Trade Area (CFTA) will create a single market for goods, services and increase intra-Africa trade," the DP stated.

3. Technological uptake

The Deputy President also highlighted that the adoption of modern technology would go a long way in transforming the lives of the youth and the African continent.

"A reoriented technology-centred education and training should impart leadership and digital skills in every youth. This is because technology collaboration, innovation, team work and linkage building are indispensable for productivity and competitiveness.

"To forge a future that works for Africa’s youth, we must invest in world class infrastructure- roads, airports, railways, ports, broadband, green energy- to drive commerce. To do this, cooperation is key to accelerate trade and people-to-people interaction," he stated.

4. Transforming agriculture

"Modern, mechanised agriculture holds the future for Africa. A World Bank Report notes farmers and agribusinesses can create a trillion-dollar food market by 2030 if they expand access to capital, electricity, technology and irrigated land to grow high-value foods.

"The Brookings Institution suggests forces that limit Africa’s opportunities in industry are also creating a growing number of tradable services and agribusiness. ICT, tourism and transport sectors promise quality jobs and are sites of rapid growth," the DP noted.

5. Freedom of movement

Ruto also highlighted the need to increase efficiency in the movement of labour, raw materials and goods across the region as a measure to empower the youth.

"Unless Africans can travel, work, study and trade across borders unimpeded by bureaucracy, the continent’s dream of economic emancipation and unification will never be realised. We have made the decision to allow any East African to live and work in Kenya," Ruto stated.

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